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Liquidator appointment by R L H Knight of Buchlers LLP

The Client

Bob Knight of Buchlers LLP, Epsom is a chartered accountant and Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals. He was appointed as Liquidator in respect of a Limited company seeking to liquidate its assets, which included industrial premises in Byfleet.

 The Project

To provide initial advice as to the likely sale value of industrial premises plus a large yard (site area 0.37 acre), followed by explicit marketing to fully expose the property to the market in order to secure the best price possible.

Our involvement

Eggerdon & Holland were asked to carry out an inspection to measure and provide an initial report for the Liquidators consideration. We were subsequently engaged to offer the property for sale and accordingly undertook a full marketing effort to identify suitable purchasers bearing in mind the site had potential for residential redevelopment. We reviewed the best offers made and were then instructed to accept a bid and prepare a Sales Memorandum to complete the sale. The legal formalities were tracked until completion was reached.

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